Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Indian Toran

Posy had a couple of posts about buntings, here and here one she made, the other she bought, and it reminded me of my Indian Torans. They are hung above a doorway or window. Are usually very bright. Sometimes they're made out of old saris made into a patchwork, and others like this are a kind of felt and then embroidered and mirrors put in.

I have these above each of the French doors, that leads into my Simla room. This is my eclectic room of all things Indian.

Simla is a town high up in the Himalayas where the British ruled India from during the hot summers during the time of the Raj. It was featured in the Jewel in the Crown. Also it was where M.M.Kaye grew up. She wrote Far Pavillions and many other books including her autobiography. One book of which is Sun in the Morning, well worth reading.

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