Saturday, August 9, 2008

Something Lost, Something Found, Something Splurged On.

Last night, well the early hours of this morning I woke up out of a sound sleep and thought, "where is my camping stove?" I got up went downstairs and looked in the basement where we usually store it, it wasn't there. I looked in the garage and it wasn't there. I knew I had left it on the picnic bench a the park. Now this is Saturday morning and we went there on Tuesday. I even blogged about it, but didn't twig that anything was wrong. I was mortified. Pennsylvania Summer Picnic

So just after nine on a Saturday morning I went to the park, and was walking across the wide expanse of grass to where we had picnicked, when I saw a park ranger driving in the distance. So I hailed him down and asked about lost and found items in the park. He said he hadn't noticed it at the office, but would walk over with me to where we'd picnicked. He saw it before I did, because I was focused on the bench we picknicked at, but it was sitting on the bench behind. Oh! joy of joys.

So now because I've been thinking of my stove and thinking that I might have to go and buy another one, and also thinking about my friend Zi who ordered herself a Japanese, Bento lunch box, Japanese Bento Lunch Box I thought I should take a trip over to Assi. And guess what they had an even smaller stove absolutely perfect for picnicking and there I was thinking my other one was perfect, see what going shopping does!

So here they are.

Well the boy is at the shore today with his friend Vinny and his parents. It's a lovely sunny clear blue sky summer day. A little on the cool side maybe for the beach, but I know they'll have fun.

Hoping your weekend is fun.


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  1. I really like the mini stove. Much easier to take along! No Bento box though?

    That is amazing that the stove was still there! Especially in the summer with so many people picnicing. As this spot was tucked away maybe no one came there.


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