Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Pennsylvania Summer Picnic

A perfect summer day picnic. Isn't that what you long to have in the summer time. Just to relax take the time to enjoy friends and children. Well that's what Zi and I had on Tuesday. We drove to the park which is about five minutes from my house.

It was cool and peaceful down by the brook. Dragonflies darting around and birds bathing themselves, and just the hum of summer in Pennsylvania, which can be quite loud, with all the insects. A different sound to summer in England.

My friend Zi, we're enjoying the shade, coolness and earthy smell by the brook bank.

The boys are doing what boys love to do, which is anything to do with water.

Our picnic area. I don't know about you, but when I go out for a picnic, I'm always trying to find the perfect place to set up for the picnic. Since this park is so close to us, I know most areas, although it is quite large. So when we stumbled on this area by chance, after walking to a group of trees and then seeing this little picnic area, not clearly visible, we were delighted. What do you think?
Zi bought me my picnic basket which I love. We had very typical cucumber sandwiches, also turkey sandwiches with lettuce and avocado, so good. Followed by zucchini bread, made from zucchinis I grew in my garden, along with plum jam made by my friend Ali, harvested from her plum tree and to end jasmine rice pudding with mango puree and mangoes. I'll give you that recipe which I love. Along with this the usual cold drinks, water, iced tea and of course hot tea. Blackberry Summer with our meal and to finish when we were sitting in our chairs and chatting, a desert tea, Chocolate Strawberry.

Just must mention my camping stove. I first saw one of these in England, my sister had one when we went camping to Yorkshire, and I thought these are such great little stoves, but I had never seen them in the States. Then one day I'm at a Korean store Assi, and there they were, so I bought one. They use a gas container about the size of a hairspray bottle, and it has it's own self contained ignition. Packs away in it's own little plastic box. I love it.

Hope you are having a lovely summer.

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