Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Simplicity. I came across the red cross-stitch tablecloth at the thrift, and thought how much I just like that simple one colour on a plain background. So I went back to some of my old craft books and came across these other examples of one colour embroidery, these are all done in a simple stem stitch. I have an old sofa and two armchairs that I've had since we were married, they're from the thirties. I had them re-upholstered once. Now they are all in the garage as I had a little change around, but now I'm ready to bring them back in and do another little re-arrangement, and I'm thinking white with something like the chair above. In anycase, we will see. The little teapot, which I love, is from my friend K who I introdued to you at Rob's graduation party, I said they'd been there since the beginning.

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