Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Friends 25th Anniversary Party

Hi Dear Folk,

We may just be up and running again.  Lots to catch up on, but this was last Saturday.  A 25th Wedding Anniversary Party that we were invited to.

On the invitation it said gowns.  We so seldom go anywhere where you really dress up, so I made the most of it.  With my busy work schedule I knew I could not leave everything to the last minute.

As I work in the city I thought let me wander over to Macy's and see what they have there in the way of a long dress.  I started a month before the event.  Nothing in my price range everything was super expensive.  So another week goes by and I thought let me go over again and have another look.  Well this time I found my way over to the very corner, which is called Final Act, everything is marked down and down again, and here I found a very pretty dress which suited me, lots of bling and beading across the top, with an overdress and lining, sheared front and back good for hiding all those sins.

Two weeks pass and I take it to the tailors to be hemmed, it was quite complicated with the shear over skirt and the way it draped up the front and the underskirt, and I did not want to tackle it.  My goodness the quote was $100, which was double what I paid for the dress and he was on a tight time schedule with all the proms going on this time of year.  I was not going to pay that.  Mr. B and I went tout suite, to our local Macy's at the mall and returned it.  Now the quest is on for another dress.  We found the Final Act section and after much routing and pulling I find a dress a size less than I usually take, but looked like it would fit.  When I tried it on I was super pleased, a nice classic.  No hemming because the front comes up and the back goes down into a train.  So this is what I got.  I just loved it, in fact I liked it even better.

Shoes found at the thrift, I think the pink shoes popped it, and jewelry from TJ Maxx.  Shawl found on Ebay.  Already had the bag.

Mr. B. routed out his tux and he was so happy that it fitted him and since it had been put away dry cleaned and the shirt too, he need to do nothing, brilliant.  His tux is over 25 years old, but they don't date

This captured A's sister, mum and dad so perfectly in a joyful moment.  In fact the whole party was joyful.

Mr B. and I with A and M

Family picture.

M and I and she looked lovely in her dress.

Good food, music, dancing and friends.  It was a very happy evening.



  1. Looks like a wonderful event, beautiful dress.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, yes I did enjoy wearing that dress.

  2. It looked a great evening and you and Bob looked lovely. Wow Bob did well to still fit into his suit after 25 years! Your dress did suit you so well.

  3. You look stunning! I really love your dress, How nicely that all worked out! And Bob looks very handsome in his tux. So glad you had such a nice time!

  4. You all look fabulous. I love your dress, you look so elegant. So glad you had fun.


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