Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cheering My Way Through February

Hi Dear Folk,

Today is sunny and in the fifties, yesterday was almost seventy and all this week it is meant to be quite warm.  I always feel that the month of February is in no mans land, unless you take a trip up north to enjoy the snow, or down south to enjoy the sun.  It's when you think one must plan a trip, in fuse hope.  So how does one get through February, this is my formula.

Buy pie or make a pie.

Think about previous vacations.

Treat oneself to a new colour lipstick.  A friend always wears this colour and I like it.  So hard to find that just right colour, Revlon Mauvy Night.

Buy flowers, a Calla Lily, after which I went and bought three more, now I have them all on the dining room table and will baby them through the rest of the winter.

Viewing wildlife and always good it can be seen out of the kitchen window.  Let me tell you while he sat there not a squirrel was to be seen, they were all hiding out in the pine tree near our house.

Gift for a friend, Peacock Shawl.  I love the rhythm of this crochet stitch pattern.

Snow day off work.  Viewing all the birds just so busy looking for food.

Robins in the neighbors apple tree, bright little cheery dears.

Colourful yarn, given to me by a friend.  It was her mothers and she is in a nursing home.

Crocheting a scarf from all that yarn.  It's called the Circle of Life scarf, but I call it the Ammonite Scarf, because that is what all the endings look like to me.

Snow Day, the sun comes out.

More crochet, the finishing of my Dunvegan Loch Shawl, that is what the colours look like, colors seen along the waters edge.  I added crystal beads along the edge of the shawl as I ran out of yarn, I really wanted to go with a Picot edge which is what I put on the Peacock Shawl.

It is very warm.

Still thinking about the vacation.



  1. You have made me want shoofly pie now. Janine made it for us nearly 3 and half years ago and I still haven't made it! Your crochet items are so beautiful. You look good in the shawl against the snow. Yes definitely need things to brighten us up in February. Flowers, comfort food and holiday memories are all good. Snowdrops out everywhere here and first buds on my daffodils.Fancy having that bird in your garden. Is it a kestrel of some sort. Don't blame the squirrels for hiding.

  2. Do you believe I just bought the same mauve night lipstick? I love it!! And it does brighten up February! And the shawl is especially lovely!

  3. You look lovely in your new shawl. Love the photos of the snow.


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