Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love, Dust, Time

Well it's the holiday weekend starting off with an English breakfast, and all is very quiet.  Rob is working all day as he can get time and a half so he's busy.  Then tomorrow he's planning to go camping with a friend at French Creek.  He says he checked that the campsite is open, so I'm leaving all that to him.  Just one night.  He'll have to rummage around in the garage for all the camping equipment because it's buried.

This clock has been sitting forever needing a new battery.  But when I put one in it still didn't work, so the measure of last resort bang on it several times and Voila!  Now it works fine and is keeping good time.

I have to comment on the paper weight from Cape Cod a Thrift find for 0.50c. I couldn't pass it by because way back in my single years Nancy and I camped right by that bridge on our way up to Nova Scotia.  We drove her old black Beetle, hardly any heat, the mid weeks of October camping.  Her Beetle turned 100,000 miles on the trip.  When it rained a lot water would come in and slosh around the back wells.  I remember a very nice camp fire we lit, at a campsite on Bar Harbour Maine, I also remember some very damp nights in our sleeping bags.  The pleasure of a hot shower after a cold night and we saw a lot of autumn beauty and wonderful vista on Cape Breton Island.

The little brass Welsh lady, is a bell and I remember my mum buying it in a little shop in Betws-y-Coed, in Wales.  That is the trip where we took my grandma with us, we camped, gran must have been about 58.  She loved that trip, her mother having come from the border counties of Wales in England, but gran always said there was Welsh blood in us and there probably is.

I have to say how much in love I am with my new microplush sheet set.  It is totally luxurious.  I never knew sheets could feel soooo good.  My old flannel sheets had just had it, it was the final round with them, holes sprung all over on the fitted sheets and my other set of flannel sheets had already sprung holes last winter.  You cannot find the fitted under sheets at the thrift as these are the ones that go, and I think more so in flannel.  So I was in TJM and I spied these.  Should I spend the money but even in the store they felt so good.  So I did and I can say they are worth every penny, for that wonderful feel when you get in bed.  They feel so good that I am going to treat Rob to a pair because all his bedding is ancient like from when he was a little boy so very much over ten years old, and some was even what I used so now we're up to almost forty years old, one set of sheets for sure.

I'm in love the only problem is my bed called me far too long this morning, then I bemoan not having got up and done things.  Oh well!  It doesn't happen too often.

My day,

P.S.  I watched a movie last night "A Handful of Dust"  very different, it really showed how decisions and a series of events lead to things happening that you would never imagine happening in your wildest dreams.  I can relate to that.

I won't tell you the story line as it would give it all away.

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  1. I loved the story of your camping trip in the beetle. It reminded me of so many past trips of my own. Great fun but I don't know if we'd find it so much fun now!


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