Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mexican Apron

This is my Mexican apron a gift from a friend several years ago.  I don't wear it in the summer as our summers are far too hot and no air conditioning in our house.  But just right to wear in the winter when a little extra protection and warmth in the kitchen is no problem.  I think it's dear, very reminiscent of 'I Love Lucy'

You have to love the backing paper to stiffen the fabric while embroidering, it's old newspapers, it seems they don't waste anything in Mexico.



  1. Its really pretty, almost too good for an apron! I like the recycling of newspaper.

  2. Where did your friend get it? My mom wants one so bad, but I can't find one.

    1. My friend's daughter visited Mexico and brought it back from there. So I do not know exactly where.


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