Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Walk In The Woods

Friends taking a walk in the woods, one being a City Girl, Maria, scared of the three B's, Bugs, Birds and Beasts.  But we were so tempted by the beauty of the woods that when we found the trail into the woods at the edge of the park, where we were attending a graduation picnic, we just kept on walking.

As you can see they were so tranquil with the birds singing and the setting sun filtering through the trees.  It seemed like a gossamer wonderland.  The last picture so reminds me a walk in an English woods.

Maria took to swinging from vines.  Janice was most prepared for a walk by wearing sneakers, I had comfortable flip flops, probably not the best, but not a problem.  City Girl has on high heels Anne Klein sandals, definitely not a walk in the woods pair of shoes.  But we had fun and will remember the ambiance of those woods for a long time.


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  1. The wood looks so peaceful and just like one that I like to walk in with friends especially when the bluebells are in flower. It is near Much Hadham quite close to your old home. Don't think I could do it in the high-heeled sandals though!


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