Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surprise Retirement Luncheon

We had a very nice retirement lunch for Mel.  I think hubby Hugh who also works with us was able to bring it off.  Hugh and Mel originally started their business over thirty years ago.  I started working for them April 1981, when Christen was just a little girl, now she has the baby Caitlyn and another two year old girl Kendall.  Over ten years ago they sold the business to a New York based company, that was during the seven years that I did not work with Hugh and Mel.  So all together I have worked with them for twenty-three years, quite a while.  The bosses came down from New York to share in the occasion.

Many things have changed recently with a move to a new office; which I love because it's half the distance I used to travel and a much nicer commute.

Our lunch was delicious, I had fillet Mignon, with baby spinach and blue cheese, scalloped potatoes and julienne mixed veg, with coffee.  Then back to the office for cheesecake.


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