Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrift Finds

Just a few of the items I thrifted.  The Poppy top is pretty, but I'll need to wear a camisole underneath.

A silk skirt that can be worn on both sides.

The cross stitch table cloth is quite large for a rectangular table.  Spring flowers of daffodils, crocus, bluebells and other flowers.

The willow pattern service dish is a great shape I thought.

The little teacloth is sweet.  I thought the colours were great with the Langley plates from Candyce.  Although small I can place it over a larger cloth to tie the design in.



  1. I wish our charity shops were as good as your thrift shops! I have had the odd bargain but not very often nowadays. Quite often the stuff costs more than they would new. I particularly like the poppy top as poppies are a great favourite of mine.

  2. The tablecloth matches the Langley dishes so wonderfully well.

    I love the cassarole dish to match your set.


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