Monday, May 30, 2011

Fledgling Cardinal

Saturday morning a week ago, Bo and I are sitting on the Simla patio, when we notice that mum and dad Cardinal are in a dither, flying around and giving off their shrill cheep.  The next moment I felt something touch my leg, I looked down and a fledgling cardinal had just brushed past me.  Half hopping and flying.  He must have been experimenting with his flying, but was such a novice that mum and dad were flustering around.

He half flew down towards the kitchen and the rose bushes there and then on his parents insistence started coming back, to where his nest must have been in the evergreens.  Eventually he flew up to the pergola and there he sat for quite a while.  His landing was totery, as he has no tail feathers.

After taking photos we left him to be escorted home by his parents, I'm assuming he did get back to his nest.

It was a sweet event to witness.


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  1. Oh how cute! We have loads of baby blue tits,gold finches, sparrows and starlings in our garden and I spend ages watching them begging for food from their parents and being fed when I should be washing up etc. Your photos are great. I wish I could take some like that.


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