Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tomato Soup and a Vintage Wine

Tomato soup from our over abundance from the garden, although they are coming to an end now.  Actually it's tomato and carrot.  The tomatoes are roasted and the carrots are added to cut the acidity and give it sweetness, plus they're a great thickener when you puree it.  I got the recipe from Soule Mama.

When Bo was getting the sofa out of the garage and clearing things up, he found this old demijohn of wine I made.  I knew I had another one but could not find it.  I made it when Rob was about three, so at least 13 years old.  Made from the vines in my old garden at our previous house.  It's a very dry wine with a slight mustiness, but very good.  With Tuscan bread, a great meal.


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