Sunday, September 5, 2010

Room for Winter

Comfortable sofa, with small Eastlake sofa in front of the window.

Do you remember that I put my dining room table in the sitting room and visa-verso.  Well I did think that I would get to give a dinner party and use my lovely long dining room table with both the leaves in; which I can't do when it is in the smaller dining room. But with all that is going on in my life I just didn't think it would come together.  As we have to use the wood stove to heat the house, it needed to be changed back.

These are the two captain's chairs that go with the dining room set, but we decided just to put the four chairs around the table and not to over-crowd it.  Actually I rather like them here. 
My dragon-fly lamp has always been a favourite of mine, so moved it here on my Eastlake table with the Eastlake mirror on the wall above.  It's such a cosy lamp.
My hubby's mother's desk, which he refinished.  With an Eastlake shelf above.
So here's how it looks now.  We raked out the sofa from the shed, which I did not have in the sitting room last year, it is so comfortable that it is back in for this winter.

Not always good to get rid of things, sometimes your glad you kept them, especially when finances are low.  So now we're ready for winter.

One day I'll have that dinner party!


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