Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds this Summer

Things I found at the thrift this summer.  I was thrifting with my friend this week and she said I find it very therapeutic, and I think it probably is.  I don't travel any distance because there is a very large one so close to me.

Plates .50 cents each.  Sixties stacking cups.  Retro pics hot-plate.  What do you think the other little holders are for?  Well if I hadn't seen a glass one at a friends with teaspoons in I would never have known.  They're to stack cutlery in.  Corn dishes from France, yes France, not made in China.

Book on scones, well a Brit wouldn't pass that by.  A book on canning, but I like to call it 'jaring', because even the term bottling doesn't sound right to me.  Old mixer book.


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  1. I am envious of all your lovely finds and the plates were so cheap! Our charity shops have become very expensive though there is one run by the council that we like.


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