Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

I learned something the other day Hummingbirds are only found in the Americas. This is the Hummingbird you see in our area. Eastern seaboard. Their wings beat 53 times a second. So fast in fact and they are quite small, that you sometimes hear them and think it's an insect. If you put out a nectar feeder and plant the right flowers and shrubs you can attract them to your garden. I have sometimes seen them on my butterfly bush.

In winter they migrate to Mexico and Central America. They double their weight to fly over the Gulf of Mexico, over 500 miles, a nonstop flight of over 18 hours.

The smallest hummingbird can be found in Cuba, it is the size of a bumble bee.

So not everyone gets to see a hummingbird, and they are delightful.



  1. We would absolutely love to see a humming bird. Do they get caught by cats?

  2. Hi Gilly,

    No I don't think so, one can hardly focus quick enough oneself to see them. Only when they hover drinking nectar. I know my two cats have never caught one.


  3. Hi, I'm a post late but just had to say... a guitar case! Gosh! we really are going to have a flickr group pool with some diverse projects lol. Don't forget to upload some photos if you have time.

    I'm a Husqvarna girl too! Can't say that mine purrs though, more of a cough and splutter.

  4. We have hummingbirds here all summer. I put my feeders our in early May and take them down in late September. We have the little Anna's, Ruby Throats and Rufus hummers and they're just so much fun to watch. I even did a YouTube video of the ones on my porch so my 82 yo mother could watch them. They don't get hummingbirds where she lives in Western Kansas so I tried to share mine with
    Here's my video if you'd like to see ours.


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