Friday, January 2, 2009

Tulpohocken Creek and Union Canal, Pennsylvania

While visiting our friends, on Sunday afternoon we went for a walk along the Tulpohocken Creek, which must be an Indian name. Paralleling the creek is the Union Canal.

We saw a group of painted turtles enjoying the late afternoon light. We were trying to take a good look at them, then they jumped into the water and swam up to the lock wall, to take a good look us. You can see the boys and my friends daughter looking down at them.

Here is some fungi we saw. The yellow and orange fungi was growing on a branch which you can see Bo standing with on the bottom collage. Isn't the yellow fungus so pretty. I have yet to look it up to see if I could find the name for it.

In the middle photo above is a blue heron, it's not a too good shot, but maybe you can just make the heron out. He was up and down the river while we were on our walk.

It was nice to get out and walk in the country, commune with nature.

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