Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peacock Embroidery

This embroidery was done by an old friend of my mum's. Aunt Gladys. Who we loved very much, and was a great lady. It was originally in a fire screen, but I couldn't get the whole screen packed in my suitcase, so took the embroidery out and brought that home with me. Probably sacrilege to do that. I framed it, but was never happy with the dark wood frame and mat. After many years I decided to have it re framed, but it was so ridiculously expensive, that it was cheaper to buy a frame and use the old mat, just cutting the edge to make it fit the new frame. In the end I chose this one, I like the bronze colours and shading; which I think suits my Simla Room. Peacocks are from India, so it seems the right place to put it.

The silk thread and colours just make it come alive. It is a treasured piece.


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