Wednesday, January 7, 2009

N.Z. RLY. Refreshment Rooms

What do you think this is?
Well if you have been following my posts on New Zealand in reference to aunt Mary, who used to work at the Railway Counter Refreshment Rooms. And if you haven't already guessed, this is a piece of an old railway cup. When the train arrived at the platform passengers would dash into the refreshment rooms, grap a cup of tea and a sandwich maybe, then take it back on the train with them. The cups would remain on the train to be redistributed back up the line. Or as sometimes happened passengers would just throw them out of the window. Thousands of cups and saucers went missing every year.
The number represents a particular station refreshment room. I will try and look it up and see which one. I found it on EBay. I have yet to receive it. But it was one of those nostalgic things that I just could not pass by. Depending what it looks like when I receive it, I may take it to the silversmiths and get it made into a pendant. Or maybe I could wire it.

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