Thursday, March 21, 2019

Yippee Shed Is Approved By Borough

Hi Dear Folk,

Spring is in the air, but not today, raining and cold.  I'm making the most of the tail end of winter to sit by the fire which I felt was needed and to drink tea and eat muffins, these are oatmeal, honey and date.

My newest book from the library, "Orient Express."  Some lovely illustrations of all the different carriages and advertising, visually interesting.

I've just finished reading "Tony's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani.  It was a good read, not deep but a nice style of writing.  She must be doing something right, she's a prolific screen writer, playwright and author, I think she never stops.  I watched Big Stone Gap on You Tube which is a good film.  She wrote the book and then had the movie produced.  Tony's Wife was our read for the library book club read.  I went last Saturday, I haven't joined in for quite a few years.

Our read for next month is "Seeds, The Triumph of Seeds:  How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered The Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History."  Rather a long title.  It's also the Longwood Garden read and a bonus was the library book club coordinator gave out free passes for Longwood Gardens.  I have a pass for four people, which we will use and enjoy.

I'm using my Flam Railway bag to tote my library books in.

I started off the week with a message on my phone Invalid Sim Card, what!  Of course until the problem was resolved I could not phone or text.  I contacted Tracfone and in about thirty minutes had it sorted.  They gave me a very long access code and two other codes, the phone shutdown and then rebooted and I was up and running again.

I spoke with a friend and he said it happened to him and he landed up getting a new phone, I think his other one was old.  But needless to say I was a happy camper and give Tracfone 100% for customer service.  I don't use my phone a lot, it costs me about $12.00 a month which I think is good value.

Happy news I received my shed building permit and met with the builder to go over plans and fine tune exactly what I want.  I might scale down the porch size, I wanted 9 ft X 9 ft but he said maybe scale it back to 6 ft x 9 ft, which I think I will.  What do you think of a loft shelf for storage and possibly a sleeping place, could come in handy?

Just want to get out in the garden, although I have made good use of a couple of nice days and did some garden clean up.  The big thing now is to clean up the area where the shed is to be built, which unfortunately means moving all those breeze blocks that I laid last year, oh well!.  Lots of big pots to move and patio pavers, also two forsythia bushes to cut down, don't know if I can somehow dig some root up and replant them, I'm going to give it a go.

The builder says he can start the beginning of April.  I do wish the sun would come out and things would dry up a bit.

Almost finished with Medicare sign up, but have not done my taxes, I just want them off my plate.  I think I dealt with so much paperwork and emails for years, that I have a total aversion to it now.

My glass collection, I do like the cranberry and rose glass, plus my Langham Glass Factory vase, the colored one below.  Living happy memories of when I visited the glass works in Norfolk with my sister, we did have fun.  I washed all this glass and now we have a nice sparkle, if only it would stay that way.

These Japanese flowers have been crocheted in to several scarfs, unpicked and put into something else, but this is the last go around with them, no more faffing about.  I still have to finish the edging and think I will need another ball of red yarn to do so.

Well that's my catch up on a rainy day.  Lunch with a friend tomorrow and Tea and Art, Van Gogh,  on Saturday at a friend's house, happy events.  I'm going to take a Mexican Salad.

Take care, have a great week.



  1. Love the idea of the sleeping area on your porch. Yeah that your shed got approved.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Lovely photos! What are you going to use the shed for? Is it going to be a normal garden shed or are you using it as a mini-getaway. I dream of having a little craft 'shed' separate from the house, but in reality, with our winters, I don't think that's a possibility lol. Not that I've been doing much crafting lately!

    1. I'm going to use it for a crafting shed. Keep all my things together instead of being spread all over the house.

  3. Hello Christie. Just popped in to say Hello, am catching up with people on my blogroll, ones I haven't visited for a while.

    I read a few older posts to catch up and think your idea for a shed is great. It's going to look quite 'country' with all the things you have tucked away. French Doors have a look of their own and with plantings close by it'll just blend into the garden. A lot of hard work ending up with somethings like a little summer house. Was that what you had in mind?
    Take care

  4. Your glass collection is beautiful, a feast for the eyes. I love the scarf its coming along nicely, the squares look lovely together.

    1. Thank you. This is their final resting design.

  5. Good luck with the building.
    Enjoy your week!
    And live the crochet colours

  6. Big Stone Gap is the first of five books, each of them are really incredible. The movie does not scratch the surface of the books, they are well worth the read. Your home is beautiful and so warm and inviting. Have a terrific week.

  7. That scarf is gorgeous! I knit, but do not crochet. A shed! What fun. Our son and his girlfriend just bought their first house and it came with a shed - actually a play house (former owners had young girls), but will not be used for bikes, lawn mower, grill, etc. And, it has a loft! Looked like the perfect place to put some pillows and settle in for a good read/nap.

    1. I'm looking forward to using it as a crafting shed, and I think I will do a loft, might come in handy.

  8. I'd die to have a crafting shed Christine! You are one lucky lady!
    Also, love your Japanese flowers!

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