Saturday, March 9, 2019

I'm Shoveling Snow?

Hi Dear Folk,

I did finish my patchwork and crochet curtains and I'm pleased with them.  I gave them a nice starch and an iron, which the crochet at the bottom especially needed because it was curving in, but after a good iron and starch it straightened out.

I think this fabric must have came from an old tablecloth.

Hanging in my hallway.

I used the pattern from this old seventies crochet book.

Two men in the house and I'm out shoveling the sidewalk.  Of course The Boy was at work and Mr. B. hurt his back shoveling the previous snowstorm, so who does that leave but the woman in the household stepping up to the plate as we so often do.  And of course who is in the house taking photos.  Yes you can guess.

The garden is nada on the flower front because of all this snow and cold weather, so I have been filling this void with some bought flowers and plants.  Tulips which when first put in water drank up almost the entire vase, they were so thirsty.

A miniature rose bush for a little peep into what summer will bring.

This little arrangement is still going.

I cleared up a counter top in my kitchen, where we kept papers and pens and things.  Now that's cleaned off I have another work counter which was needed.  I moved all the papers into the vestibule area by the back door, because we still need to keep these things for easy access in the kitchen.  It looks so much less cluttered.

I cleaned the top of my fridge and all the kitchen cabinets.  What a lot of up and down, I was exhausted.

The square tin with Nelson's column on the front was a yard sale find up in Canada.  As soon as I saw it I knew I would add it to my collection, mum had this tin, which originally of course had sorted biscuits in, but then was used for cakes and other goodies.  Each side has a different London scene on.

I was able to add my picnic basket up here, got rid of some things and just generally sort things out.

I love these little palm creations, that were given to me by a basket vendor in Maui.

A hummingbird and a fish.

I've kept some things up here, but later on I think they will go out in a yard sale.

I have plans for these three picture frames.  I liked these teacup card prints, but they have been up here for years and faded out, so time for a change.

I bought this little recipe book in England, more for the pictures than the recipes, although they are nice.  I'm going to cut three out and frame them.  These two pictures for sure and one more.



  1. Your curtains are beautiful and so original. Well done on your snow clearing. Hope Mr. B's back gets better soon. It feels so good to have a sort out in the home. It is so cheering to have flowers in the home in winter. I love the pictures in your recipe book.

  2. Cheerful flowers for a snowy day. Hope you took it slow and easy on that snow. You do not want to be in pain tomorrow. I love the curtains they are so pretty. Great job.
    Happy Weekend.

  3. Love your curtains! I also love old tins and have a small collection.

  4. What a different world! So much snow. those flowers give a beautiful touch of colour.
    Loved the peep into your kitchen. Bravo for all the cleaning.

  5. Your curtains turned out lovely, and how the colors reflect when the sunlight passes thru them looks so beautiful! Did you sew them all by hand or just the crochet edging? Hopefully you are not sore from shoveling all that snow. Flowers do bring joy and cheer!

  6. Oh gosh you've been Spring Cleaning (with a capital C)!! Your patchwork curtains look wonderful - love the crochet edging to them. Here's hoping no more snow to shovel!

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  8. Your curtains arw lovely and in the picture they look like stained glass! A wonderful effect, if I may say!


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