Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Last Hurrah! At the NSH Yard Sale - Wheel It Out

Hi Dear Folk,

A couple of Saturdays ago was my last hurrah at the NSH Yard Sale.  The yard sale is housed in an old building at the Norristown State Hospital which is soon to be demolished.  The funds raised are used for the patients.

I only started going in the last few years and then as they changed to just a Friday instead of Friday and Saturday I did not always get to go.  One more is scheduled for this year in August the final one, but sadly I will not be able to attend, as happily I will be in the UK.

My friend Maria and I had a long standing appointment as this year they changed it to a Saturday.  It is fun to go with a friend, it was a marathon.  We got there just before it opened at 9:00 am.  Each room is dedicated to certain items, we always head first to the jewelry room which is right inside the door.

Then we headed over to shoes and bags, linens, from there to clothes, back to china, craft items, books and looking at what is in the central room area.  Last of all we hit appliances because the wonderful ninety year old lady who is lovely to talk with keeps us for so long that we would miss all the bargains if we went there first.  So of course we never get a bargain in appliances because they are all gone by the time we get there.

She is ninety and looks a spry seventies.  She has traveled all over the world with her photographer husband and still flies out to see family in California, Colorado and Mexico.  She gave us a travel trip always ask for a wheel chair at the airport it is complimentary and they will wheel you through customs, over to baggage and out.  I may very well do this, she positively told me I should.

Her daughter is Jill Bond who produced this film for PBS We Served Too - The Story of Women Airforce Pilots in WWII.  She is now in Mexico making another movie for PBS about vineyards in Mexico.  The oldest wine-growing region in the Americas.

There is also a coffee, soda, baked goods and hot dog section to take a break, which we needed.

So what was my haul:

Shannon crystal vase, old china biscuit barrel, which I love $1.00, old sugar bowl, I would think from Austro-Hungary era.  Victorian crystal and silver cruet set.

Isn't the design delightful?

I walked past the cruet set and then saw someone else taking a look at it and I thought that is so nice if she doesn't get it I will, and I did.  I have tried cleaning it, but think I need some silver dip so will have to go out and get some.  A Victorian cruet set would be about $80.00 to go out and buy.

I walked by this jug, but by the afternoon they were marking down what ever had not sold, and my friend Maria bought this for me.

Eight glasses for martinis?  I'm not good on knowing what glass is meant for what drink.  $0.25 each, how can you pass that by.

Cottage eggcup.

Hand made handkerchief holder?  I'm not sure but the work is lovely.

Glass necklace.

24 carrot gold plated necklace and matching bracelet $3.00

Amethyst broach and I can't remember the name of the green stones.

Brighton necklace and matching bracelet.

Bracelet watch brand new in it's box, I just bought a new battery and it works perfectly.

Zebra broach it looks like a Cinar, but can't see a mark, so maybe not, still I like it.

Butterfly broach, hard to get an in focus photo on this.  Cleaned up nice and sparkly.

Coldwater Creek Jewelry Necklace.

Should have put this in with my Australian post, maybe from the same person.  I would call this a Happy Hankie.

A stash of hankies, can never have too many.  Look at the work on this one.

Evening top, may take this along on my cruise.

Summer hat.

Oval table cloth for BB.

Serviettes/Napkins I especially could not pass by the daisy ones, very 60s/70s.

Brand new set of linen placements and serviettes, hand printed.

Little clay rounds to keep your sugar from getting rock hard.

And last but not least my piece de la resistance, brand new, The Capri Bag from the Capri Watch Company.  this design is called Majolica Sun.  It is made from Neoprene, they sell a whole line of these bags in different designs and it originally sold for 109 Euros.  It is very lightweight, may use it on my travels, only thing is does not zip up, only a snap.  Still could pack it and use when there.

Maybe someone bought this while on vacation.  You must watch their Capri Watch Commercial, selling a life style. Here.  The scenery is beautiful and of course so are the people.

Well that's it, ah! I forgot to say that nothing was more than $5.00, and most was much less.  You can see why we love to go to this sale.



  1. What amazing finds. I love the biscuit barrel and egg cups particularly.

  2. Wow, what an amazing sale. You certainly got quite the haul, such great bargains. You have an eye for beauty.

  3. Nothing more than $5? I would have died.

    I love all the finds you had -- that teapot in blue is especially lovely!


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