Thursday, March 17, 2016

When You're On A Roll

Hi Dear Folk,

I just love this little crochet pattern.  I haven't blocked them but I'm not going to because they curl around the neck just right and with a pin to hold them in place, snug and secure.

This of course you have seen before, my alpaca yarn from New York State and the colour I call Heather and Broom.  I've decided to take it on my trip with me, I have a Heather coloured velvet cloche which matches it quite well.

Here is another scarf I made for a friend and with a special pin.  The yarn is wool, mohair and non natural yarns.  I lovvve this yarn it is sooo soft.  I have been on a quest to find long pins and have done pretty well.  Perfect one for Candyce above.

Have you seen these great big ball of yarns at Jo-Ann?  Just right for a scarf or cowl, I bought one for my sister in grays, as you can see it has all different textured yarns in one ball.  See the two pins on the right side the bottom one is for my scarf, top one auntie Joan's.

So now I'm on a roll with these little scarfs.

One for aunt Joan with a pin.

The pin is for sister BB, she loves cats.

One for cousin Esther with a pin.

So you get the idea I really have been on a roll and I don't think I'm finished yet because I want to look for some special yarns in UK.  So I'll throw this out there I will be in the Cambridge area any yarn shop suggestions?  Also Colchester, Halstead and Harlow.  Maybe I'll find something really exciting in Amsterdam.

We will see, take care, I think this may be my last post before crossing The Pond.



  1. You have been busy! The colours are beautiful and the pins go so well. Hobby craft has yarns in Harlow but I haven't been there for a while so not sure what there is.

  2. What a great size your little scarves are - just right to slip on with a coat to keep your neck (especially the back of your neck) warm. I'm not a crocheter so I can't be cheeky and ask you for the pattern :). Are the brooches antique or reproductions?

    The Golfer is from Colchester, it's been quite a few years since we've been back (11) but if I remember correctly there was a huge craft shop ( knitting embroidery sewing plus loads of other odds and ends) in St Botolphs Street. Across the way from the little road that goes down to St Botolphs Church. The name Franklins rings a bell but don't know if it still there.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thank you for the suggestions I will check them out. My aunt Joan and some cousins live in Colchester, other cousin and uncle live in Halstead, so all from that neck of the woods. Mum grew up in Sible Hedingham and Earls Colne.

    2. The broaches are all my finds from the thrift, some older, some newer I think. It is a fun little scarf to crochet.

  3. The scarf/shawl is beautiful, what pattern did you use?

    1. Hi Julia,
      Mostly Harmless on Ravelry, it is a free crochet pattern.
      It is fun to make.


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