Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Things Please

Hi Dear Folk,

I could not get a photo of the little robins in their nest, because their nest was hidden so well.  It sat right up near the light under the eaves in the honeysuckle bush, by our back door. I cannot think of a cozier little home.  They all left a few weeks ago and Mr. B. took the nest out to have a look at it.  What a beautiful piece of work.  The inside was totally smooth, with just a little blanket of very fine loose grass at the bottom to lay the eggs on.

They would both work from sunup to sundown feeding those babies, it is a very intense time for them.  They had a pattern of entering the nest, I would sit in my white wicker chair and watch them.  First they would fly to the roof of the neighbors' house, then to a fence post, then to the shepherds crook in the garden by the nest, and then out and in at a certain angle.  I guess they have to check out everything before they enter.

These two wrought iron flower containers are almost one hundred years old I'm sure, they came with the house and used to sit on our columned patio until we filled that in and built the Simla room there.

They really need a hole or two drilled in them as they tend to fill up with water when it rains.  I have asked Mr. B. to do that but he would need to get a special drill bit and I don't think that that is going to happen any time soon.  So I have an idea of just sitting pots or even tins in there.  I saw a photo on a Japanese Blog La Vie en Rose here where this man had left the lids on old tins, opened but just peeled back and had planted plants inside, it was neat.

Dreamy days just sitting in the garden crocheting, I love that my little yarn holder has a handle, so much easier to transport around, I've noticed that some pottery ones do not.

This is a little table that I so much love, it came from my friend's estate auction, it must at least date back to the fifties or older.

There are my Eiffel Tower scissors sticking out.

One of the pots of bought at the Ollie's clearance, it makes me happy such a Moroccan blue.

This is the matching stool, or at least they painted them at the same time, and here is a little tile table, just right for a cup of tea.

Friday is a holiday this week whoop-de-do.

Take care hope your summer is good.



  1. How come your hostas are not eaten by slugs and snails? I love the blue of your pot. It makes me think of the Mediterranean. Enjoy your long weekend.

    1. Hi Jean,

      Always thank you for you lovely comments. I know our hosta do seem to escape the slugs here. I'm glad because I have a lot of hosta and love them in all their different variety.

  2. What a good looking spot to take tea - out in the open surrounded by plants. A great place to be revived. Tea tadtes better when drunk from a china cup don't you agree!

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment Cathy. I always drink tea from a china cup and saucer. Coffee I almost always drink from a mug. As you see I do have a nice large cup of tea.


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