Friday, July 31, 2015

Gladioli Glory

Hi Dear Folk,

Here I am in Blogland again, so much going on, but basically I've been giving my eyes a rest from anything computer screen related. I was away for five days in Ithaca visiting The Boy and stayed off my iPad and of course away from work so no computer screen, my eyes truly needed a rest I feel better for it.

Such a buy at Trader Joe's, ten stems of gladioli for $4.00 who could resist, I so enjoyed all their glory.

Today I am home, I've been fighting a soar throat for days now, and have felt so achy that today I just decided to give my body a rest a stay at home, and I feel better for it.

The Boy has been helping me set up my new computer.  He has spent the summer up in Ithaca working, but is spending a few weeks at home now before the new term.  He plans a trip to she shore camping at Henlopen State Park in Delaware, a favorite of ours.

Have a great weekend.



  1. The flowers are beautiful and what a bargain. Glad the rest did you good and hope you are better now.

  2. I love gladioli, they bring so much cheer to the end of the summer. I really hope you're feeling much better now, and I'm glad you are taking the time to rest.

  3. TJ's always has the best deals on flowers. Such gorgeous gladioli.

    I know what you mean about computers and eyes. I tend to take Sundays off from computer use and it's very refreshing. Have you heard of a free program called f.lux? It helps your computer mimic natural light - you can change the settings to make your screen less glary and bright, and at night the program slowly changes the colour of the screen to a warmer shade, which is better for your brain and for sleep patterns. I've been using it for years and it really does ease the strain on the eyes.

    If you're interested, just google f.lux and the website should pop up at the top of the search.

    Hope you're feeling better now! :)


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