Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Saturday

Hi Dear Folk.

Today, Saturday it poured with rain most of the day; which means that Mr. B. does not work, so he was home.  An ideal opportunity to put away some of the garden furniture that needed to be put away in the shed for the winter, along with bringing in a couple of plants.  I hope to winter them in the Simla room, I would bring in more, but just don't have the room. it's hard also to keep them going through the winter.

Here are my passion flower and my Tahitian Bridal Veil.  I bought the plant below just as a little one and it has grown to this during the summer.  I wonder if Tahitian Brides did put this in a bridal head piece, it is a very delicate flower and has length to it to wind it around.  As soon as I saw it I loved the tiny white flowers.

Guess what came in the mail. the new Pesephone Biannaull.

Inserted was a bookmark with a Cheese Pudding recipe on the back.

A friend gave me this shawl a while ago and I always felt that it needed an edging on it.  So I've been crocheting on edge on it. An adaptation of what they call the butterfly stitch.  I thought that this stitch would be nice at the bottom of a crochet skirt too.

Wrote a letter to my Boy today and enjoyed the company  of Miss Tink, who is getting old and a little doddery on her pins.

She had a scare last week.  We have new neighbours and they have two pitbulls.  I heard this terrible clang of metal and looked out the window to see a man running around my front yard.  It turned out to be my next door neighbour, chasing his pitbull, who was chasing my cat.  Not a too auspicious meeting with the new neighbours.  I miss George, we are not in Kansas anymore.  As the cats go out, I say look out for wolves.

Fortunately I eventually found Miss Tink hiding in the basement window well.  I saw her little cream face and heard a meow.  I think the metal clang I heard was my metal chiminea being knocked over, my patio is a bit of an obstacle course.

I did speak with the neighbour and expressed my concern over their dogs, and the fact that Miss Tink is declawed, she came that way from the SPCA, I said Miss Tuppy can probably look after herself as she's a true Philly cat and pretty feisty, plus can run up a tree but Miss Tink cannot.  They had said that when their dogs are out they put them on a leash, but obviously not always.  We may have to extend the fence, as they ran through the hedge.

Later on Mr. B. and I went over to the thrift.  Mr. B. likes to find CDs there and I found this lovely book "Around The World In Eighty Sweaters"  I like the pun and I liked the pictures and patterns along with the sketches.

So interested to see the different patterns from around the world interpreted into knitwear.

I did get my suitcase out of the garage, but didn't get to my ironing and packing yet.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Your plant is beautiful. Funny that on opposite sides of the Atlantic we are both protecting our plants for the winter. Some geraniums have been put in the sunny box-room but the fuschias and verbena from the hanging baskets have been put in the raised bed and will have to take their chance with fleece or bubble wrap. I was thinking of you in the week when my Persephone magazine came too. The illustrations are amazing and I would like some of them on my walls. Nearly went to their shop when I was in London this week but got late, cold and wet so came home. I love the shawl colours and how you are so clever at adapting things. Be careful with the dogs. American pitbulls are banned here. Surely it's down to the owners to ensure their dogs are restrained. We are very careful about letting the greyhounds off the lead.

  2. It sounds like a lovely and cozy Saturday minus poor Miss Tink's episode with the pitbulls. I know they say they are nice dogs but really all you hear about is bad about them.
    Hugs to you,

  3. I was so happy to see the Persphone Biannually in my mailbox too! As I haven't ordered from them in ages (needs must--I get their books on interlibrary loan) I was delighted and read it all in one day.
    I hope your trip goes really well. From the photos I have seen of others going to International conventions, I am sure it will be a joyous occasion! I look forward to seeing yours!
    I have almost stopped walking my dachshund as ever so often a neighbors dog will be let on the loose and come after my poor old boy. So far he has been able to outrun them and ends up on my back doorstep. Now that he is 10 years old I don't know how long he can do that!
    Thinking of you!


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