Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Count Down Is On

Aloha Dear Folk,

The count down is on until our departure to Honolulu, just the name conjures up pictures from my childhood, of far flung places palm trees and grass skirts.  We have a 7:00am flight out of Philly to Phoenix and then a connecting flight to Honolulu.  We arrive after 3:00pm gaining some five hours.

I hope to be at our hotel in time to walk down to Waikiki Beach to see the Hula Show see here, our hotel is on the Marina at the Hawaii Prince, so not too far, we think, never sure until you actually get there.  I have never stayed at such a ritzy hotel, that will be interesting.

I have been gathering, what I call staging things together.  Some things are packed and other things need ironing and then I will pack them.  I wanted to try out my new backpack that Mr. B. treated me to back in the spring, it is a Fossil and I think will work quite well as we are only taking one very small suitcase that you take onto the plane with you along with one other bag.  All my odd bods just about fit into the backpack with a little arranging. 

Not consciously, but my colour scheme turned out to be mostly black and white, with French blue, light blue, a bit of green, and one yellow dress thrown in if I have room for it.

Internal US flights, unlike International flights provide about zilch on the amenities, such as food.  I am rather spoilt with flights to UK where you get a snack, a dinner, complimentary wine, and breakfast, and that's in economy, on internal US flights I don't think you even get a bag of peanuts now, so will pack some snacks, maybe a sandwich.

Most days at work, well almost all I take a salad to eat.  Mr. B. packs it for me, just the ingredients and I wash it, chop it and assemble it at work.  This is what I had today, I bet no one else has had this combination.  Spring lettuce, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, radish, dates, raspberries and a chunk of liverwurst all with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, and you know what it was good.  I chop it all up in to little pieces or slivers.

I sent this to my son.

He agreed it is his modus operandi.

I'm going to make a new label Hawaii.

Take care,


  1. That's so exciting. When do you leave? Your salad sounds yummy and basically what I used to take to work except don't remember raspberries although did add fruit. I laughed at the cartoon. My brain stops functioning when I panic so no good for me.Have a great time and take loads of pictures ( which I know you will)x

  2. Have a wonder ful trip! I can't wait to see all the photos!! it will be such a spiritual blessing!

  3. I am jealous I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.
    Have a wonderful trip.


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