Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Day Greyed Out

Mr Bit Brit and I decided to go for a walk in the snow.  It felt good to get out.

There were hundreds of Canadian Geese and they all took off, they start talking to each other and then off they go.  In flight they look like the Draconian Space Ship from Star Trek, or more likely they got the idea from a goose in flight. I didn't think to video them.  It's so wonderful to hear them cackling and calling to each other and off they go.  I wish I had caught that.

 Everything was very greyed and flat looking.  One showing of green was where a little runoff comes down the hill always in the same place and here the celandines grow and bloom yellow in spring.

We ended our walk by going to the super-market bakery and buying two delicious chocolate eclairs with fresh cream and taking them home, I don't think I've ever had an eclair with so much chocolate on, delicious.  Dinner was cooking slowly in the oven, so that was nice to come home to, followed by tea and our treat.

I've added a new banner from our walk yesterday and I've done a little house cleaning on my blog to start off the New Year.

Good news on the car front for Rob.  His wish list was very specific being a boy and it couldn't be the base model, no everything had to be the X, Z or S version, then he started getting picky about colours, but we set him straight on that, this was last on the list of needs.  It's quite interesting trying to keep an eighteen year old on track.  We think he's found something that hits all the check points will keep you posted.


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  1. Wow the geese are so amazing. So many of them! What a lovely day. A walk in the snow and home to the smell of dinner cooking. Its rained so much here its difficult to get a walk as everywhere is so boggy. Will be interesting to see the car.


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