Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woke Up To Snow

Our second snow of the winter.  The first was in October and it wasn't even officially winter.

I came home last night after thrifting; which I wasn't going to do, but being on my own and at a loose end I decided I would.  Capping my expenditure.  When I walked in the house it was 50f downstairs; which means upstairs it was even colder.  I came in and got the fire going and it heated up 10 degrees, of course warmer right by the fire.  This morning I came down and it was 58f in the dining room, colder upstairs, so I decided to break down and turn the central heating on.  Joy of joys to bask in heat.  At least with the old cast iron radiators they radiate heat for a long time after, I will turn it right down again, but at least the house is warmed up.  Plus we are in all day and can benefit from it.

It is overcast with the snow, so not bright and sunny.  My crazy thorn bush by my kitchen window has gone on the rampage and totally needs cutting back.  The thorns are nasty.  The birds love that bush though and are always roosting in there.  Do only roosters roost?  In any case you know what I mean.

One of my big galvanised pots has slid off the bricks it was on and is leaning at a crazy angle, but I've just left it, too cold to bother wrestling with it. You can just see it behind the other pot in one of my phtotographs.  Rob is out shoveling, later this afternoon he has work.

I've had my morning cuppa, but I think I'm ready for another one and some toast.  Need to push myself into gear.

Have a great weekend!


P.S.  Have you ever heard of Tunisian Crochet?  It looks interesting.  I like the idea of a rug done on a giant crochet hook.


  1. I love the snow! I know what you mean about the house being cold. I am determined to only fill the oil tank once this winter--at 700.00 a fill it is so much! We use an electric radiator which keeps the living room nice. The upstairs is very cold but great for sleeping in....not so great for getting up and dressed!

  2. No snow here. In fact its been a weird winter - some days really mild then a few cold days and very windy which makes it feel colder. Only a few frosts. One of the benefits of a small terraced house is that it holds the heat which is just as well as energy prices have risen. When I'm sitting in the evening I have a snug rug which is a blanket with sleeves and they are very popular over here now.


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