Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Writer's Diary

I would have loved to have made another diary for 2012 on Blurb using my own photos, but just didn't have time this year.  It's hard to find a diary, the selection has really gone down in the book shops, I guess they just don't sell with iPhones etc.  I bought this a couple of months ago and I'm glad I did because not many diaries have crossed my path in my limited travels.

But I do quite like this one.  Each week has a little picture and quote, writer related, plus lots of useful information, especially for a world traveler.  So I think I'm as satisfied with this as any.

My faithful girl is sitting with me.

It's very warm today around 52f, but it's suposed to get very cold.  So Rob needs to do several wood runs.

I bought myself a second set of those micro-plush sheets in a gray/blue, only this time on sale.  Since we will be using them all winter a second set will be good.  Plus I have those blues on one side of my quilt, so does tie in.

I keep thinking it's Monday with work tomorrow, but I'm delighted to say it's only Sunday.  I will pay some attention to the house and start cleaning, truth be told I'm always doing a bit here, a bit there, especially when I get up early in the morning.

Our Special Assembly Day was encouraging and I will have to review my notes.  Today was service, but plans were a little different and I was just out for the morning.

I bought a cardigan, well I was looking for one to go with my Irish Tartan skirt, which I did find, but while looking I also found another one which has I think 20% Alpaca, 20% wool and synthetic, but even with that small amount of alpaca, it's super warm.  It has those short wide sleeves in a very dark charcoal, I'll be able to wear some of my bright coloured polo necks under it.  Actually I wore it to the Japanese restaurant.

Can't believe it's 2012!


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  1. The assembly was so encouraging..and comforting. There is a patient I share bible thoughts with. So I wrote down three scriptures with comfort in them. When we read Romans 15:4 his version said "encouragment" where ours said "comfort".
    Somehow I feel comforted just by the word.

    Thinking of you dear Christine.


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