Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sony DSC-HX1 Sony Cyber-shot Camera

On the dashboard settings of ones blog you have the choice between old editor and new editor. The top photo is downloaded from the old editor, notice the size is that much larger. The photos below are downloaded with the new editor. I like the larger photos, so am going back to the old editor. Why the difference? I don't know.

Here are a few shots taken with my new camera. The first one is a street scene in front of Rob's old Middle School and the others are of his school at night, with the moon in the centre.
I think they came out really well. This camera is meant to be really good at night shots and I think it is.

The other great feature is the capability to take a panoramic shot. This one is of my friends garden.

Last a shot of Charlie, Rob's Beta fish.


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