Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't be deceived

You may well think that this is a new kind of lentil. I came down yesterday evening and thought, who is soaking lentils for soup? Which is hard to imagine, since I would be the only one in the house doing so.

At a closer look I saw that is was Rob's pebbles for his new kitchen aquarium soaking in one of my kitchen saucepans and on the stove.

Above shot weighting his driftwood down to soak it.

Aquarium with pebbles in and driftwood. He wanted a bigger aquarium up in his bedroom, but I have visions of water coming cascading through the ceiling, plus they are very heavy. So we're just going with a little one in the kitchen. Yes in my small kitchen. I must say though, it will be seen and enjoyed all the time there.


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