Friday, April 3, 2009

Persephone Catalogue

I urge you to order the Persephone Catalogue, they sent it from London to the States. Even if you didn't order a book, which you should, it is so cosy just to look at. Sit down with a cup of tea and browse through it.

The catalogue came along with this, their bi-annual magazine, also a cosy read.

Either I'm older than I feel I am, or we had a very old stove when I was a child, but the above picture was the stove we had, a gas stove, in our first house.
The graphics for the covers are especially appealing and well thought out.
I first ran across this book 'A London Child of the 1870's', by Molly Hughes, in the 90's, it was a discard from the library. If I remember correctly a Penguin publication re-released in the 70's. I just loved it and if Persephone had asked me for a book recommendation to be re-released I would have recommended, that book.

A few years ago I re-read the book. On doing research I realised it was part of a series of autobiographical books; which in the 30's had been published as one complete book. I turned to one of the greatest resources, E-Bay and found it, the first week I looked, $7.00, I was thrilled.

It goes through her childhood, everyday life. Living in rooms with her mum. Life in a Welsh village on visiting her fiance's mother. Just a delightful book.


P.S. So don't miss out, order the Persephone catalog.

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  1. I am so glad you love it too. I enjoy mine over and over.

    I just finished Little Boy lost and what a very interesting read. And Marianne was very good. I will share them with you next visit!

    Happy reading!


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