Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old Shelving, Dorothy Whipple and Lucy M. Montgomery

That's, what the library calls their old book section, 'old shelving'. So I asked for all their Dorothy Whipple books and of course 'The Blue Castle' which as you know I have already read and done a book review on.
I think I've been a little over zealous in taking all these out at the same time, but who was to know they would have so many. I do like our library, I think it's the third largest in Pennsylvania.
Some of the original members of out town library, of which the library has their signatures, were also signers of the declaration of independence.
At the moment I'm reading 'The Priory' not so good I don't think as 'At A Distance', but still a good read.
I like this statement; which is how I think we all feel sometimes when we go somewhere, but we have a lot troubling us and we are just, I would say 'putting on a face.'
"But she felt that nothing that was said had any bearing on reality. She must talk, she must eat, she mustn't disturb anyone else in any way, but her thoughts ran in a dark current away from all this.
It was like paying a visit on a dark night to a house where there were lights, fires, friends, and that knowing sooner or later you would have to go out into the dark."

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  1. I am so jealous. Our library has not one book by Dorothy Whipple.

    I wonder if I can join your library!



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