Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rearranging my garden before winter sets in.

This apple tree was planted in a very large galvanized pot in my garden. It made it through last winter, which was amazing as I did not protect it, but I thought that I might not be so fortunate this year. Plus it was only going to grow as big as the pot, and with the prices the way they are I thought it would be nice to have a producing apple tree. So hopefully it will be a success. I also have a cherry tree in another pot which I want to replant.

The boy and I cleaned up the pile of old wood that was sitting here, that's now near my back door to use in the fire. Bo dug the hole, which was no mean feat, as the Northern Oak is huge and has a far reach when it comes to it's root system.

This is my mandevilla vine which I took in off the patio. It fills up the whole doorway in my Simla Room. I'm hoping that I can nurse it through the winter, but I never seem to do well with plants indoors. It seemed such a shame though to let it freeze.

You may ask, "The Simla Room?" Well after I watched the series "The Jewel In The Crown", which was written by Paul Scott and is a quartet of books, called The Raj Quartet, I just loved the views of Simla in the Himalayas and all the Indian culture that goes with it, so this room is filled with many Indian pieces and what I deem suits into my idea of this. It's very eclectic, my place to sit and read, spend quiet time, look out of the window, watch the butterflies and hummingbirds on my butterfly bush, wish I saw more of the latter and sit with my faithful Himalayan pud, Tinkerbell.


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