Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Shed Is Shaping Up

Hi Dear Folk,

It is chilly and I feel I should go back to my wool jumpers, not sweatshirts, which are not as warm.  I'm sitting here with the gas stove on in the Simla Room as I'm quite chilly.

More work was done on the shed today.  The shed size is 9 feet wide by 16 feet long, the porch area will be a bit smaller as we lost some inches at the back.  We could have cut a huge branch off the bush in the corner but it really would have decimated it, so for the sake of keeping some nice greenery, we did not take the shed back quite as far as we were.

 Although we had to take up some patio and move some pots, we were able to keep all of my already existing gardens, and foliage, which will make the whole area look less stark and new.

That's siding sitting on the patio.  I kept that part of the patio and it is from the side there that I will step up onto the porch and into the shed.

I have two sets of these almost one hundred year old French doors as I previously said.  I took them out today and gave them a good clean, the mice had made a terrible mess of them, even gnawing some frets.  At least all the damage was on the outside of the doors and not the inside, I will sand them and stain them again.

These are the screens, I will clean them up another time.

Here are the columns, we're just using two of them.  And thinking of Paris I love that photo print by Robert Doisneau hanging in the background.

My new windows from habitat and found my deck chairs up in the rafters, that fortunately the mice had not got in to.

I cleaned this chandelier which was sitting in our basement, I don't even remember where it came from, I will hang that in the center of the shed.

I was going to hang this crystal chandelier which a friend gave me a while ago, but I had forgotten that all the wiring was gone, so will make this chandelier into a candle chandelier, maybe with cups and saucers on, wouldn't that be nice?  I thought of getting a wrought iron hanging arm and hanging it on that in the shed.

So many ideas swimming in my head.

Let's hope the rain keeps off.



  1. How exciting! It's great seeing it come together (literally lol).

  2. Your 'shed' is going to look marvellous, and so much nicer with the greenery around it. The doors, chandeliers and deck chairs and those pillars!!! Thank goodness the mice didn't do too much damage

  3. Love the doors and the columns. Your space is shaping up so nicely. Can't wait to see the end result!

  4. Great progress. It'll be terrific!

  5. It looks like you have plenty there to keep you occupied- Sounds like you are in for a busy Spring!

  6. The shed is going to be wonderful. Have fun wit the construction. Happy Easter.


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