Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sewing Seeds in Loo Rolls

I have been saving loo roll tubes, obviously not soon enough, but I saw where they had been used to start your seeds off and then you just plant the whole tube in the ground and it decomposes.

I went to the Dollar Store and bought three washing up bowls in black, plus some seed packs four for a dollar, then of course the potting soil.

I usually start seedlings outside, keeping them in the garage overnight and putting them out in the daytime, but they do not come along that quickly.  So this year I thought I'd just start a few seeds in the house.  They will sit in the vestibule, where it catches a lot of afternoon sun, if the sun ever comes out.  It's my little pantry area by the back door.

Another reason it might be good for me is because after I plant seeds straight in the soil, I forget where I've planted them and start digging them up unknowingly, very frustrating.  I'll let you know how it works out.

Don't you love seed packets, such promise of the season to come. I labeled and dated them, I will keep adding and dating them.  I don't usually plant any plants out until the middle of April to the beginning of May.  So I should have a good head start.

I can still see my grandfather pouring over his seed and plant catalogs, how he loved them.  There was always a pile of them in his cottage pushed to the back of the dining room table.

Just a couple of photos of my tax preparer helper, she wanted to make sure that none of those important papers flew off.

Why do cats do that?  They all do.

I finished reading Fidelity by Susan Glaspell, a pretty good read.

Helped the Boy with his Spanish, he has a test coming up on Monday.  I'm afraid I did five years of French, but if there's any second language you should speak over here in the Americas it is Spanish. Unfortunately the French only got Quebec, so here we all are learning Spanish. If only history had been different I'd have a head start, but I am thinking of learning Spanish.

About half the basement is sorted and painted, but it's slow going because it is pretty cold down there.  If we ran the central heating it would be the warmest place in the house, with all those pipes running around, but as we heat the house with the wood stove the basement is pretty chilly.  So we'll pick up on it again when it gets warmer.  The other half needs sorting, more than it has been sorted.

Did a little clearing out of my clothes closets, which if you live in a 1920s house are tiny, so one tiny bedroom closet and two doors of hanging clothes, now organized.  Still need some more sorting, but I actually got it done after a day at work and that's an achievement.

Well that's my week and weekend nothing special but a few things done.



  1. I have been using loo roll tubes for a couple of years now to sow my beetroot and perennial spinach in. This is because I sow them directly into the raised beds in the garden and like you I lose them so this works very well. We can't put plants outside until May but I start them off in the little spare bedroom which is very sunny.

  2. What a great idea Christy. I have never thought of using toilet paper rolls. My planting and sowing season is late (first of June) so this is the perfect solution.

  3. I'd never heard of such, but now am so glad I have! Thanks!

  4. My gosh how long has it been since we first chatted, I am so pleased you dropped in to my blog and hve loved your spring....sewing! I am sitting here SO HOT! and waiting for Autumn to arrive (very soon we hope) it is just over 35degs right now.......I will be back I promise to see you often as your blog is beautiful. Lee-Ann


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