Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Weekend in the Pennsylvania Countryside

It's always fun to go away for the weekend, and visiting my friend A. means a trip to the countryside. Hubby couldn't come, so it was just Rob and I. We left about 8:30 pm as I had to work that day, come home get things together, you know how that goes.

I always think of Pennsylvania as a State with a big city at either end,Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, east and west and not too much at all in the middle, except Harrisburg the capital, but that's not so large. Some mountainous areas, lots of trees, therefore the name Penn sylvania; which means woods. My preference is for the rolling vista of countryside farms as you see below. Lots of old towns, very time warped, some more picturesque, some more run down.

Pennsylvania was where they first found oil in the States, it didn't last for too long, but the coal mining is still here. A lot of coal is still mined in the state, but with modern methods not so many people are employed in mining. The other big industry was steel. Andrew Carnegie and Pittsburgh Steel, but of course that's pretty much come to an end.

It started off with farming and there are still many lovely farms, especially with the Amish, that have kept it a tradition.

Typical older Pennsylvania country town.

Views of the Pennsylvania countryside and farms.

This boat looked so funny against the skyline, like it was going to launch off down the field.

Man made lake.

Chez M.

This is the guest room at my friends, which I call Chez M. With my own private door to the garden.

My bedside reading while away, with a mug of tea.

As you can see I'm doing a little reading for my trip to Scotland and the Isle of Skye.

My suitcase and carpet bag. The carpet bag and little snap case, I bought in Bury St. Edmunds many years ago. The suitcase I found in the thrift about a year ago. As you can see my carpet bag and accessory case faded. I don't know why, it wasn't kept in the sun. It was the colour of the suitcase.


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