Friday, February 13, 2009


I started on my slip cover: which I've been meaning to get to for ever, Well things were rolling along nicely. I had done the seat part and the arms partiallly, then moved onto the back, at this point I realized that the fabric I had was totally wrong, too stiff. Rather than being slip cover fabric it was more an upholstery fabric. I just knew it was not going to work.

I had bought the fabric for a dollar a yard, at this great shop not to far from me. Looks nothing special, no ambiance, but a bargain can be found here. So I went back to see if they had anymore $1.00 a yard fabric. Needless to say after months in between, there was not such a selection, but I did manage to find a 15 yard bolt of a plum and beige tick kind of strip. Much, much softer, I think it will work, you can see it in the top photo. That's my strash of fabric on bolts. For want of a better place to put it. Two bolts of the yellow I found in the rubbish, nothing wrong with it.

The chair I found at the thrift shop for $5.00, it's a swivel rocker and very comfortable, but needed a good clean and eventually I will have it reupholstered. I did think of doing it, but don't know if I'm up to it. So therefore a slip cover for the mean time.

So now I'm back to square one and must start again. But it goes against the grain to waste material, so I decided to make the gray into a tote bag and a messenger bag, using this lovely vintage pink fabric as a lining and contrast. I love this fabric. I found about 20 yds of it at the thrift shop. So sixties, with a subtle large butterfly design in it.

So I got my lovely old lady out. I found her in a yard sale, didn't buy her there and then, but just had to have her and went back for her. She must be about 55 years old. Only one foot and no manual. Although a blogger in NZ sent a pdf file of a manual she had for an old Husqvarna. I think maybe a model five years younger than mine. But I was able to glean from there how to adjust the bobbin screw for the stitch. She purrs along.
So in any case I must tell you what my boy said.
"Mum did you just get that?"
"No." of course it had been sitting there for months, but not opened up.
"I really like it, the metal is such a neat colour. How old is it?"
"About 55 years old."
" I like that mum. I'm going to paint my bike that colour, the same colour as the wheel, a dark green."

Does anyone know what the switch on the bottom is for? The one between the scissors and the word King?

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