Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little House on The Prairie Comes East

Yes Little House on the Prairie comes east. At least that is how I felt, picking, stemming, washing, cooking, sieving, cooking, jarring and labelling.

You do have a feeling of accomplishment after it is all finished, and you have all these lines of neat labelled jars of grape jelly and chutney. Actually the chutney was a lot easier than the grape jelly. The jelly needs two cooking processes and the extra step of straining. Next year these grapes will be made into wine. I honestly think it's easier to make wine. I just didn't have the wine bottles to make it this year, but after a recent visit to a friend I now do.

It does make you realize though what a lot of work people did in the times of Little House on the Prairie. Because when the fruit is ripe one must take action. You can't leave it and say I'll come back next week, because by then it's rotten or the birds have got at it. I like doing it, but just the volume of what I'm doing makes me tirred out after a while.

And my dear boy seeing how much colour was in my straining cloth, said would I please dye his tee shirt. So I rinsed it out and used that as a straining rag, as you can see here. He's quite happy with the results.

I also did a whole saucepan of tomatoes, for spagetti sauce, all these had to be washed and the skins blanched off. The sauce I decided to freeze, I also have some left over for dinners this week.

I'm having trouble with my usual computer, it has a virus, doesn't it drive you crazy. I managed to get these photos on before it froze up for the ump teenth time

My next post will be my 100th Post.
I will be having a give away. I've enjoyed participating in others, so hope that you will enjoy mine.
It will be an interactive one. I want your opinions about this item and also graphics. So will leave it at that for now. And as soon as I get my other computer sorted out, I will be posting my giveaway.
P.S. My Picasso for photos is on my other computer, so I'm just not set up to use this one. My dear husband has orderred the sofware, so hope it comes soon and we can be up and running.


  1. The jars are so beautiful with the lovely labels. Think of how long you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    And how much better it will taste than what we by at the grocery store!

  2. Hi Christy :)

    I have a daughter called Kristy and years ago had a cat called Tuppence.
    I like your fireplace and all that jam looks so good! Sadly my garden didn`t do well this year. Most of it drowned in all the rain and I miss all my tomatoes. Your look so yummy.
    I`m glad you popped over for a visit and I shall be back for sure.



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